10 Best Ways To Hang A Poster

Way 1: How to hang an unframed poster

1. Clean your hands before handling. The fat and sweat of your hands can be left some stains on the poster.

2. Smooth out your poster. If your poster came in a tube and is rolled, remove it from the tube in advance and place it on a flat surface (on a desk or floor, for example). Put on your poster any clean, smooth and heavy object. I use a cardboard sheet and books for weighing it down. Keep the poster in this position for 1-2 days.

3. Clean your wall. Clean the wall where you plan to put your poster. The walls accumulate dust from heating systems and surrounding objects, and this makes it difficult to stick posters. Use a damp cloth (eg a towel) with a tiny drop of the means to wash utensils, to clean up any oils.

4. Use a removable adhesive. There are several ways to do this: removable double-sided adhesive tape (poster tape) and adhesive putty (poster tack).

5. Attach a removable adhesive on back side poster. Put a poster face down on a flat, clean surface (eg a table) and put adhesive on all the corners of the poster, and in the center. If you have a large poster of about 24 inches or more on any side, you must also place the 1-2 piece of adhesive equidistant from the corners of the poster on each edge for safety. If you use adhesive putty, you have to rub a piece the size of a chewing gum between your fingers to make it soft and sticky.

6. Hang the poster. Mark a place for a poster on the wall with a pencil. Place the poster on the wall, using the label. Press down the top of the poster in the exact place where the adhesive. Then gently flatten the poster down and sideways and put pressure on the place where the adhesive.

7. Remove the poster. When the time comes, do not just pull the poster, because it will rip. Carefully peel the poster back with your fingers very close to the piece of tape. This way will save paper and use the poster again elsewhere.

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