28 Facts About Me

Friends, if you want to know more of the facts of my biography, about my weaknesses and inspiring moments, I wrote this post for you.

1. I am a self-taught artist who loves bright colors and patterns.

2. I spent my childhood in Estonia on the Baltic Sea coast, 300 meters (330 yards) from the medieval castle, where I explored every nook in those days.

3. I have an adult son of 21, who was in the army and studies at the university, he wants to become a programmer. He’s not just my son, but the best friend and the first person who sees and assesses my projects.

4. I have an economic education and work experience in this area for 15 years.

5. I draw since childhood and always wanted to make my hobby became my job.

6. In the 14 years I have been fascinated by the works of Leonardo da Vinci and promised myself that someday will draw my Mona Lisa 🙂 

7. After studying at the university I worked at Novaya Zemlya Islands in the Arctic Ocean 1,000+ kilometers (621+ miles) north of the Arctic Circle, where we had the polar night during the 9 months of the year and there is a high probability of encountering a polar bear in the street.

8. I was married to the military, a native of Sebastopol, a beautiful city with a long history on the Black Sea. I drew several city and sea landscape of paintings at the time.

9. Then I came to Belarus and have lived here for 18 years. My son has grown and I dreamed that someday I will leave an economic career and become an artist.

10. One day I decided, stop dreaming and I must act. I bought a new computer and graphics tablet, began to study to draw in Adobe Illustrator, to sell online my digital images.

11. In 2012, I completed my career as an economic and began working as an artist. A year later, I opened my ReStyleGraphic shop on Etsy to sell posters and home decor with my designs.

12. I have a seamless patterns database, available for licensing, which are in demand for business and for print-on-demand on items.

13. I like to help people to find a bright accents of their home interior to express themselves through the creation of special space for them and their families.

14. We have lived a little yellow parrot, very cheerful, smart and brave. He was a favorite of our family. Unfortunately, he died 8 years ago, but we remember it to this day.

15. I worked in the youth public organization, where we organize parties and other events for young people.

16. I stuttered in my childhood and is now a little stutter. Communication was a bit difficult for me before. Fortunately, it is now in the past.

17. I’m short-sighted and use contact lenses on a daily basis.

18. I am working in a small home studio and dreaming of a bright and spacious studio.

19. I am a small woman, my height 157 cm (62 inches).

20. I like to listen to presentations by people who have created any project (a business or something else), read blogs of people enthusiastic about their work. It is very inspiring for me to do my own work.

21. I was a skinny woman all my life and would like to gain weight a little, now I have gained weight and want to lose some weight 🙂 🙂

22. I do not have enough communication with colleagues on professional issues due to the fact that I work alone in my home studio. But that’s life, which I really like!

23. I myself doing my site design, online shops, etc. And it gives me great pleasure, just like to understand marketing and other business processes.

24. I use graphics programs and graphics tablet to draw, and also have paintings, which gave my family and friends.

25. I like to visit new places and meet new people, be inspired by the art of the different countries, attend art exhibitions.

26. I love myself printing and packaging orders for my customers, thinking that after 1-2 weeks the other person on the other hemisphere of the Earth will open the package and hang my piece on the wall at his home. And 1000+ customers later, I still love it!

27. I like to share what I know about art and how to decorate the home using art with other people in my blog and social networks.

28. I am an introvert and I really hard to write these 28 facts about me. However, the coach said I should, so people have the opportunity to know me something and I do 🙂

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