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Perhaps you have thought to choose art for your home. Maybe it is quite intimidating and even impossible, like climbing a steep mountain in the beginning. You are not alone. According to the poll, conducted by UGallery, nearly 70 percent of people never bought an artwork for their homes and almost 50 percent citing cost as the main barrier to purchasing.

I am as an artist, selling online my artworks for 5 years, get a lot of questions from my customers and other people fully understand beginners problems. If you are the same as they let to help you.

I’ll take you step by step from total confusion to a clear understanding of your capabilities. I want to warn, there is no right or wrong way to choose a piece. It is entirely your choice. You are the boss! I’m just going to show you the main points that will make your task easier, what you should look for when choosing.  In just 5 minutes, you will learn:

  • What kinds of art there
  • What is the difference between an original artwork and a reproduction of it?
  • How to find original art, and not spend a fortune
  • What are the professional terms, which you can see in art galleries and art shops
  • How to choose a quality affordable art
  • Where can I buy art
  • How to choose a suitable art, taking into account the features of your home

First, a bit about the kinds of wall art, because it affects the cost of the works and is one of the selection criteria.

What kinds of art available for purchase?

You can find original artworks (there’s only one) and reproductions or copies (art prints are also copies).

Original art is distinguished in technique: oil painting, watercolor, gouache, pastel, acrylic, drawing (pencil, ink…), digital art, etc. and style: realism, abstract, dada, expressionism, impressionism, art deco, minimalism and more.

Your choice depends on your preferences, and to a large extent, your wallet because Originals cost more than the cost of prints. Prices for original picture starting from about $ 150 – 400 and can reach millions of dollars. Often, the price depends on the size of works, the rating of the artist as a professional and technology. For example, the painting is traditionally more costly, while the watercolor, pastel drawing is more affordable.

Art prints are a good alternative if you do not plan to buy art as an investment. Since art prints often are copies of original works, it is also a great way to keep your favorite art at an affordable price.

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