Discover Dining Room Ideas With My Customer

Yesterday my customer left a wonderful review of my Dishes dining room decor, which she bought in my store and sent a beautiful photo of the print to her home interior. I have to say that getting good feedback is always pleasant and any – useful. This helps to improve job and to better understand the needs of the people. Believe me, getting feedback is very important for any artist because we all want to be claimed. When people buy my products, I feel it.

In addition, it is always interesting how people use my products, how it looks in their home or office, how they combine my products with other things in their interior. Because when the product gets into customer’s home, an art begins to live of its own.

Look… my kitchen art prints looks great in home interior my client. I think many customers are great designers and photographers, too. This photo sent Michelle. My poster left on the shelf. Thank you, Michelle!

Two years ago I offered a gift certificate for $20 to customers who have sent pictures of my posters in their interior. Philippa took part in this event and look what she sent. Amazing teapot on the burner from the famous Danish designer Arne Jacobsen for Stelton in 1967.

Arne Jacobsen teapot print in interior

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