A “Cheat Sheet” For Choosing Artworks for Your Home

Ever wish you could get the Cliff Notes for choosing pictures for your walls? You know, just go straight to what works, and forget everything else?

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As an illustrator, I get a lot of questions from people about how to choose the art. I totally understand it can be intimidating for someone who is not an artist.

Other people have told me to buy art is very expensive and they do not have enough money to do it.

There is nothing further from the truth. I want to destroy this myth and help you understand how you can choose the art and not go broke.

I’ll take you step by step from a full bewilderment to accurate plan of action.

What will you learn?

  • What kinds of art there
  • How to find original art, and not spend a fortune
  • What are the professional terms, which you can see in art galleries and art shops
  • How to choose a quality affordable art
  • Where can I buy art
  • How to choose a suitable art, taking into account the features of your home

Who is this Guide for?

  • for those who want to decorate your home, but do not know how to start
  • for those who think that buying art is always expensive
  • for those who are annoyed by special art terms
  • for those who are tired of reading  free diluted content online
  • for those who want to save time and get everything in one place for 5 minutes

This manual is the most comprehensive guide for beginners that exist online. You do not have to look for something else.

You will not find any abstruse words that are understandable only to professionals. This is a practical guide for people who want to find a favorite piece and create a comfortable home, people like you.

There’s absolutely no risk for giving this a try. If you want in, just click the link below.

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P.S. Who is author?

My name’s Viki Yakubouskaya. I’m…

  • passionate artist who sells her artwork online for over 6 years and having 1000+ satisfied customers worldwide
  • surface designer, fascinated by the creation of colorful patterns that are available for licensing
  • blogger who seeks to help for beginners who want to find and put their favorite piece in their home