Nordic Art Prints For Adorable Scandinavian Apartment

Windmill poster in interior

Friends, I always like to show the real use of my designs. Especially nice when interior designers use them in their projects for the decoration of public buildings and private residences. I love to see my artworks combine with other interior objects. Most often my art is the bright accent of a clean light room, such as in the project by Duc Jimmi at Talenti Design.

Although the main feature of the Scandinavian design is functionality and minimalism, but it would be a mistake to think that Scandinavian designers do not use bright colors for interior decor and design objects. Confirmation of this can be found at Design Week, which takes place right now in Stockholm, Sweden.

Three art prints were used in this project: Windmill, Chevron, Floral pattern. Posters great look in different rooms: living room, children’s room and bedroom too. Note Windmill pattern is repeated in the children’s textiles. Look for yourself…

Living room with Windmill art print
Scandinavian living room

Children room

Floral pattern in children room

Chevron poster in bedroom

Bedroom with Chevron poster

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