The Easy Way To Mount A Poster With Mat Board Yourself

A mounting picture with mat board is a nice way to keep the artwork from the environment and improve the appearance of art, by creating a field between the piece and the frame. The work mounted on the mat can be to frame and put on the shelf without a frame. Mat board (or mat) is a thick piece of cardboard with cut out area in the center. You can buy different sizes of mats in the art and craft stores.

There are many ways to mount the poster with a mat. I’ll show you one of the simplest and most effective ways that you can use yourself too.

So, you will need:

  • matboard (mat)
  • poster (artwork is slightly larger than the cut-out hole in matboard)
  • art sticky tape
  • cardboard (or plastic, thick paper or foam board as a base) of the same size as the mat
  • photo corners for mounting pictures (optional)
  • rubber gloves (optional)
  • clean and smooth surface


1. Wear rubber gloves or wash your hands thoroughly to avoid leaving fingerprints on the poster and mat.

2. Place the mat (face down) next to cardboard (face up). Connect the mat and cardboard using art sticky tape. (I myself made the mat and you can see the auxiliary lines on the back of mat).

Poster with mat board 3


3. Then put your poster on the cardboard so that it was under a mat. Move your print so long as it will not look great in the cut area of the mat. (Note my poster has a white field for better framing, as well as all the posters in the ReStyleGraphic store).

Poster with mat board 5

4. Place any heavy objects on your piece, that it does not accidentally shifted. I used a clean glass a bottle paint.

Poster with mat board 6

5. Carefully attach photo corners to every corner of your poster and glue them to cardboard.

6. If you do not have photo corners as well as I do, you can cut the paper triangles, put it on the corners of the poster, and connect with cardboard using sticky tape. This method enables you to avoid damage to your art.



7. To connect the mat and poster, I put the double sided tape on cardboard on each side near the poster. Avoid contact the tape and the arts.


8. Carefully connect the mats and cardboard, press down and straighten. Voila! Your poster is ready to hang or to frame.


With this method, you can use your poster with other mat or frame, if you want in the future, as your art will not be damaged. To use your pic mounted to the frame, check my post How to choose the right frame size for your wall art.

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