Easy Way To Create A Perfect Wall Gallery

Wall gallery

Creating a wall gallery is a good way to organize your home wall art. If you have a lot of different frames and pieces, this method is for you. You can start with the basic piece, secure it to the wall, and then place the other frames around it as you like in a chaotic manner. But if you are not so confident decorator, then I suggest a simple way that will not allow you to make a mistake and damage your wall.

The Gallery Walls can be a bit annoying because there is a sense of chaos. However, if you stick to certain rules, your eyes will rest. For example, you can try to put your frames into a visual rectangle or square. Another way to place the frames in horizontal lines or vertical or both. Such methods make orderliness and give your eyes a rest.

If you are a brave man, you can experiment with your frames on the wall. But I suggest another way. First, you need to measure the height and length of the wall area where you want to put your art gallery. Now take a large sheet of paper. You can glue together several sheets. Put it on the floor and mark the dimensions of your gallery wall on paper. 

Place your pictures on paper in this area. Move the pieces inside your rectangle or square as puzzles as long as you like until you achieve the desired visual effect. Now draw around edges of your frames on paper using a pencil or marker. Remove your frames to the side and cut areas. Attach the paper to the wall and secure it using painting adhesive tape. Now you can easily hang your pictures on the wall using the paper template.

Area for gallery wall

Gallery wall paper template in interior


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5 thoughts on “Easy Way To Create A Perfect Wall Gallery

    • Viki - designer & owner says:

      Tiffany, you are absolutely right, this is another good way to outline the wall. I should definitely write about it later.

    • Viki - designer & owner says:

      Hi Laura,
      I think the cut pieces of paper can be put on the back of pictures to mark the nail spot. Then put the paper pieces to the wall and make a mark on the wall. I hope this helps.

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