Learn How To Grow A Business Using Seamless Patterns

Waffle love in Kazan 2016

In 2010, I was fascinated by the vector graphics and start to create my digital illustration and sell it online via microstocks and other websites, such as my favorite Pattern Design, where customers from around the world find the patterns for their business projects. In this post, I will explain how small and large companies have used my patterns to create their products. By the way, you can, too 🙂

Why would they do that?

Well, if you are a novice entrepreneur and your business idea needs a design, consider buying one ready for use without having to pay for expensive designer services.

In 2015, Sanna Danel, a Swedish entrepreneur, decided to sell the flower pots with patterns, at a time when she was in the hospital with a broken leg. She found a few patterns for the project Pingo Pots, including my Leaves pattern, which she called Lady Bird.

Amazingly, this idea go viral. Several Swedish magazines wrote about her project. Pots with my patterns have become very popular in Sweden. Sanna entered into several agreements and sells clay pots for flowers all over the country. A year later, Sanna was very kind by sending me two pots in which I keep my paint brushes.

Pingo pot with Lady Bird pattern

Pingo Pots on exhibition

Pingo pots on page 9 in the paper Farm and Torp

Second example. Denis Savelyev used my Scandinavian pattern and Bird ornament to produce carved wooden rolling pin in his BezalelArtShop store. It uses a laser cutter to engrave. I think the rolling pin is a good idea for a Christmas gift and buy pattern is a good investment for the business.

Bird ornament rolling pin

Scandinaviant ornament rolling pin

Major companies also use the patterns to design products. For example, for several years my Scandinavian knitted pattern is a decoration a plastic cup of the large coffee shops chain in Russia and Belarus. And in the summer they sell ice cream desserts (photo made by buyers and found my friends on Instagram).

Waffle love deseft with ice cream

Coffee box cup 2015

This is only a few stories… In addition, you can use the designs for your packaging products, labels, business cards, website banners and more. Just ideas… Really, the options of using the patterns for business are limited only by your imagination.

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5 thoughts on “Learn How To Grow A Business Using Seamless Patterns

  1. Hena Tayeb says:

    that is so interesting.. how do you go about selling your pattern? I mean how do people know that your design is available for sale? Do you sell all the rights to it? So many questions.

    • Viki - designer & owner says:

      Hi Hena,
      At the moment, I sell patterns on a non-exclusive license. So, I still have the rights to my images. In the future I plan to create a collection or two to sell all rights to the images. And I’m always ready to cooperate and create exclusive designs on request.

  2. Inna says:

    Thank you for sharing Viki! Really exciting story! Definitely would go for this delicious ice cream in your beautifully designed cup)

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